Monday, July 27, 2009

Crop Room Remodel!!

I am so excited! I once had a fairly nice room in the basement with carpeting and shelving. It wasn't anything fancy but it was nice. Well, after the basement flooded a time or two we pulled out the carpeting. Then everytime it rained or during Spring thaw, I would get a little stream through my crop room. I am always very careful about leaving anything out and never, ever set things on the floor. It has been an area of concern for me for over a year.

The other day I decided to call Sure-dry basement to get a free estimate. I expected it to be big bucks so I knew it was a long shot but I figured what the heck. I called, set up a date and they sent me a catalog. (without prices) I told my DH the date and time and asked him to be home to meet the guy with me. Our meeting took place today.

It was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. The guy talked to us just about putting in a water guard around the perimeter of our block basement to guide the water. (more technical than that) And then my DH said what about some type of wall treatments just for the crop room. So they measured my room and priced it out. Again, very reasonable. My DH told me he thinks we should do it so I can have a nice place to work in. I do spend a lot of time there so it would be so awesome to have a nice place. I'm so excited! We will get the full appraisal in the mail in a day or two, we plan on making a decision by Friday. It looks like we are leaning towards...Yes!!

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